April 1, 2008

Chaminade 9 - Ladue 1

The Red Devils got back to .500 by beating a very good Ladue team. The scoreboard didn't show it, but Ladue played tough and held Chaminade's offense in check. An injury to Ladue's senior goaltender gave CCP an opportunity to score some soft goals against an inexperienced sophomore. But, regardless of Ladue's goaltending situation, our boys clamped down on two of the best 2M's in the area (Zach Varwig and Hayden Yancey) and allowed only one Ladue goal off a perfect cross goal shot. So even with their #1 goalie, 2 goals would have secured a win.

Things that went right:

  • 2M Defense - Danny Faust, Jake Entwistle and Chris Duncan, with support from Jack Benage and Jack Meara, held the Ladue 2M tandem to zero goals. They rarely fouled outside 5, which forced Zach and Hayden to take shots under pressure, and when they did foul, they immediately got a hand up and in some cases, blocked a shot (Duncan!).
  • Movement on Offense - our set offense was quite rusty, but it wasn't due to lack of effort. The hardest thing to get high school players to do is to be aggressive on offense and make something happen when nothing is going on. We showed creativity and willingness to take risks with our drives and it paid off with high percentage shots and 5 man-advantages.
  • Goaltending - Blake played fantastic and clearly frustrated Ladue's shooters. In the second quarter, he cramped up and Jack Meara put on the red cap and made a great save. The passing by both was precise and they even hooked up in the 4th quarter as Meara beat his man down the middle and Blake hit him with a dry pass at the 5M line for a easy goal.

Things that went not so right:

  • Half-Court Offense Balance and Execution
  • 6-on-5 (Patience is a virtue!)
  • Winging Out Early on Counters
Goals: Kubik - 3, Arnold - 2, Benage - 2, Fernandez - 1, Meara - 1

Assists: Benage - 2, Duncan -1, Faust - 1, Fernandez - 1, Kubik - 1, Meara - 1

Steals: Stabler - 8, Entwistle - 2, Benage - 1, Kubik - 1, Schwartz - 1, Watkins - 1

Kickouts: Stabler - 1

Saves: Stabler - 11

Player of the Game: Stabler - 11 saves on 12 shots, 8 steals, 2 assists and 1 cramp recovery

Up Next: Wednesday April 2nd v. Parkway South @ Parkway South. JV at 7:00 PM, Varsity after JV at approximately 8:00 PM.


Dan said...

i love these posts, coach. they're sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom
If ya'll could say a little prayer for Blakes grandparents I would really appreciate it. They follow the team from FLA and are in really bad health right now. So much appreciated - Go Red Devils!
Lori Stabler